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What listeners say about Narrator Hannibal Hills

About The Demonic

“Hannibal Hills performed the voices with skill.  His performance left one shuddering to one’s core when the demonic evil spoke.   He was spectacular!  His talent carried the terror beyond the pages and gave them a voice.”
“The narration was fantastic. I save my five star rating for the best, and Hannibal Hills deserves one.”
“Hannibal Hills (yes that’s what audible says) did a GREAT job narrating this book. sexy accent and he does a good, creepy voice for the ghost. I like it! the recording was great, top quality.”
“The narrator, Han Hills was superb! Seriously, he did the demonic voice and that first time, it actually scared me! Again, totally stunned! If you like paranormal with some horror and a bit of gore this is a great book. Most horror books go a bit cheesy but this one didn’t. It creeped me out! Good job!!”
“Hannibal Hills did a good job with the narration. Good pacing, character voice distinction, and he didn’t overdo the volume when the characters screamed.”
“Hannibal Hills delivers a fantastic performance (even when voicing demons!). I will be looking for more work by both the author and voice actor!”
“Hannibal Hills does a great job narrating this story and the little snippets of ghost voice speckled throughout the story really added to the overall haunt.”
“Hannibal Hills is a narrator of this book. I like how he managed to create a voice of a dark creature very much. That was chilling! The narration is clear, no problem with separating the characters. Good work!”
“I deliver newspapers during the night and I listened to this while I worked. Not a good idea. I was creeped out the whole time. haha.”
“Han Hills did a great job narrating.”
“Han Hills did a great job scaring me. I’m not sure if it was his accent or his intensity.”
“I thought Hannibal Hills did a fine job narrating.”
“I thought Hannibal’s narration was spot on. Nice.”
“I am now fan of both the author and the narrator.”
“I was completely entertained and thought the narrator did a good job.”
“Han Hills did a fantastic job with the narration.”


The Demonic Audiobook

About Unknown

“Hannibal Hills’ narration is fantastic. Hills is quickly becoming one of my favorite narrators, and, in fact, was the reason I chose to listen to this book.”
“It held my interest I had to keep listening and want to follow Jake to next book.”
“I enjoyed the narrator quite a bit. Really enjoyed his accent and thought his voice and narration was spot on for this style of book. This is the third book I have listened to narrated by Hills and I will definitely continue to listen to him. Have to say he was a big part in keeping me moving forward in this story.”
“Hannibal Hills is an amazing narrator. There’s something about this voice that gives me the willies instantly! I don’t know if it’s all in my head or all in his voice but it’s perfect for this horror/scary type of book! Great job Mr. Hills! Can’t wait to hear more!”
“The narration was pretty good. The narrator’s accent lends an interesting feel to the story that I found I enjoyed. Five Stars.”

The Demonic Audiobook

About Warlock for Hire

“The narration by Hannibal Hills might well be why this book is so engaging. Without Hills’ characterization of Eddie, Eddie may have easily just been too irritating and immature for me, personally. And so, I highly recommend choosing to listen to the audiobook over reading the written text, unless the reader typically enjoys characters like Eddie. The production quality was good. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a light and fast-paced urban fantasy novels.”
“The Narrator was great. He brought a good vibe and enthusiasm to the characters. I especially liked the landlady’s voice. The scenes where he Eddie is home and dealing with his landlady and her son reminded me of the show How Not To Live Your Life.”
“Sarcastic humor is something I always enjoy. The narrator did a great job bringing the story to life.”
“I absolutely loved this book. It had me laughing from beginning to end. I really enjoyed the main character and I will definitely be following the series. Han Hills did a great job with the narration.”
“The narrator, Hannibal Hills, adds a personality to each character and brings them to life. This had just the right amount of humor and sarcasm, without it being overbearing and annoying. I found myself laughing out loud and thoroughly enjoying this story.”
“Warlock for Hire is a good story told with excellent pacing. The narrator, Han Hills, does a fine job with the material. I hope he will continue on through the run of series.”
“Warlock for Hire is a fantastic book 1 in series. It lays the groundwork perfectly. It is a great fast paced story that held me captivated. The narrator did a fantastic job at bringing the story and characters to life. I look forward to more in this series.”
“Han Hills’ voice acting was great. The narrative was first person, so it was important that Han really embodied Eddie’s character. Han delivered, and his portrayal of Eddie’s sarcasm and snark was bang on. He did a fine job of defining all the characters’ voices and keeping the action riveting right up till the end. I hope Han continues to be the voice of Eddie, he was a hoot to listen to!”

The Demonic Audiobook

About Horror in the Woods

“Han did a fantastic job and is definitely jumped to the top of my list for narrators. His voice of Henry was so great I could picture him perfectly in my mind.”
“Han Hills did a good job with this. He read it well and was easy to listen to. He was super creepy for the thing in the basement and for Grandfather!! I enjoyed his performance.”
“One more thing: the narration is EXCELLENT. I want this guy to narrate my own book. Five stars, well earned!”
“The narrator is amazing, super creepy exactly when needed.”
“This was the first audiobook I’ve listened to by Han Hills and I thought that he did a really nice job. A new narrator, especially for a horror novel is always a little scary to me, but Hills did a great job.”
“Han Hills delivers one of the best performances I have ever heard on Audible! I will definitely be seeking out more books narrated by him. I would recommend this book to any serious fans of horror who aren’t sensitive to long descriptions of gore.”
“The sound quality was perfect and Han Hills, the narrator, does a good job of giving the different characters their own personalities with his voice.”
“The narration was great and I look forward to hearing more from Han Hills.”

The Demonic Audiobook